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 Description: In this Mytheria trading card strategy flash game, you must defeat your opponent using the deck of cards you have on hand. Recruit various types of infantry units and combat vehicles into the battle field, make them stronger with enhancements by playing the right cards. Ready to deal some cards?

Instructions:  Use a mouse

Development (design / programming): diffusion games

Review: Interesting game. In the card-table games of similar genre play the great number of people all over the world. And buy playing mcards for a big money!

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2 Responses to “Mytheria”

  1. oldStalin says:

    Ніколи не розумів приколу грати карточні ігри з компом, але зроблено добротно

  2. Valodka says:

    Та чого) наприклад в покер та сама вірогідність шо і з людиною грати….

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