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 Description:Welcome to the AltShift latest entry into the Negative Space Exploring Puzzler, Shift!

A taster of the new Mechanics and Gameplay features found in AltShift!

Instructions:  The Full Version Includes
Over 80 Mind Boggling levels with Brand new Game mechanics, and level by level remakes of Shift 1 and Shift 2 in a brand new Engine! 4 Different types of gameplay, An epic story and Boss Battle! The full version has so much more to offer, including Full Screen Hi Res Graphics and Uncompressed Original Audio tracks.
Its got so much in it it might just explode! So get ready to have your mind warped by this brand new take on the Flash Classic!

Arrow Keys / W and D to move
Down / S / Shift to Shift
Up / W to Jump
Space to pull boxes

 Development (design / programming):  Tony

Review: Some times ago game “Shift” led all possible ratings. Now, it seems that this is a new genre.

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