Magic Pen 2

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Description: Make clever use of physic to collect all flags in each level! Incredibly amazing game!

 Instructions: Use a mouse, to draw shapes. Hold S and click inside an object to draw a pin. Draw a second object on top of the pin to link the two object together.  Hold D to draw a hinge. It works the same as with a pin, except that now the two objects can rotate with respect to each other. To erase a single object hold down A as you left click a shape. Hold W and left click to gently push the red shape in a certain direction. Press space to restart the level.

Development (design / programming):Alejandro Guillen, Luis Brenes

Review: This is one of the cult flash games of 2008 year. Unbelievable original idea and incredible playing levels !!!


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One Response to “Magic Pen 2”

  1. Valodka says:

    Amazing game!

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